What is happening to the Marketing Services Industry?

Irreversible and unprecedented damage is being done to the marketing supply chain. Brands are reducing or changing their requirement.

A small number of providers have seen growth, but the majority are frantically trying to adjust their business models to allow for as much as 70% downturn in customer spend. This is especially true for the larger marketing services providers who relied on big brands spending big money

The ending of furlough is leading to redundancy and wholesale pay-cuts across the industry. Many organisations won’t survive. The talented staff are moving on.

Harler’s customers are talking about these dynamics, and have posed questions such as:

  • Is their long-standing relationship with a large marketing service provide still fit-for-purpose in a with-COVID and post-COVID world?
  • What happens if my supplier is acquired through acquisition and the service levels suffer?
  • Our high levels of spend meant we contracted with a large marketing services provider. With the recent budget cuts, is a large provider is still right for us?
  • After having a long-term relationship, we are completely reliant on our marketing services provider but our spend has reduced and we’ve realised how reliant we are on them – how do we move away from such complex relationships.

The Harler team are experts in change and can help all organisations adjust their supplier relationship to avoid unnecessary risk in the supply chain.

Case study: Increased transparency and risk reduction

As one of the UK’s leading business services providers in lending, investments and insurance market, our client’s rapid growth created risk within the supply chain and document management process. Challenge: Harler was engaged to improve an assortment of processes had naturally evolved requiring clarity on what good looks like. Solution: Harler undertook a six-month project [...]