World Earth Day

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It was Earth Day on Monday. If you work in marketing or operations you can probably ask four simple questions this week to Protect Our Species.

The next time you order something to be printed, ask your printer three questions:

  1. Do you have chain of custody to trace the country of origin of this paper?
  2. Is this piece of print free of plastic and metal (therefore easily recycled and less hazardous)?
  3. What steps are you taking as a business to reduce energy usage and waste?

And ask yourself:  Is this piece of print effective?

Knowing where the paper comes from means the forest will be better managed as a rich and biodiverse habitat. If the item is free of plastic and metal, it is more likely to be recycled – and less likely to pollute our waters. Printing is an energy-intensive process that uses a lot of resources and generates a lot of waste, but every printing company can take steps to reduce its footprint.

And finally, most print ends up as waste – so make sure it is worth printing.

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