You can’t drive change unless your print and postage spend is baselined

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Baselining in print and postage is simple: specification + quantity + cost = control over your spend.

But with a high volume of transactions the technical detail can become unreliable making it hard to be certain about your true cost base.

It is typical for half of requirements to change during a contract cycle which allows suppliers to legitimately creep prices, dodge savings guarantees and boost margins to a level that was not in the spirit of your arrangement.

Wherever you are in the contract cycle, there is an advantage in knowing your cost baseline:

At tender stage, suppliers need accurate specifications and quantities to quote
During implementation you need to manage the change budget
When it is business as usual, you need to check for price consistency and productivity
At milestone reviews you need to validate contracted savings and market competitiveness

Harler’s print experts have developed a baselining toolkit that puts you in control, giving you the knowhow to own the conversation with your print providers.

Get in touch to find out how Harler can give you baselined quantifiable facts. And maybe help you avoid the cost of tendering.

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