Customer communications and document management

Document management, inbound, scanning and indexing, case management, chat, outbound, e-delivery, transactional print, hybrid mail, postage, document storage, cheques and security.

The end to end journey taken by every piece of customer communication is complex – from within your organisation, across your external supply chain, and with the customer. We help you decide when to outsource services, when to inhouse, how to optimise your processes and align them to your supply chain, as well as determining how much to pay. This enables the switch from paper to digital and creates a more sustainable approach and an improved customer journey.

Case study: Office supplies

Harler was appointed to cut costs in this category that is often overlooked. Challenge Office supplies hadn’t been addressed for some time from a procurement perspective, and there was a lack of control across multiple suppliers. The same items were being ordered from different suppliers, and unplanned delivery costs were mounting up. Solution We didn’t [...]