Supply chain management

Supply chain resilience, contract management, vendor management, strategic sourcing, category management, procurement

Supply chains are now in focus like they have never been before, requiring an understanding of which stages add real value, how many sub-contractors really exist, where raw materials come from, and where processing happens. We help you establish the intricacies and inter-connected nature of the goods and services you buy, and then identify and fix the weaker spots. A framework for governance, monitoring and reporting allows you to increase the resilience, value and flexibility of your supply chains – and re-align where necessary.

Case study: A hotel chain needed a better way to manage its print supply chain

With 100s of hotels across the global consuming printed materials, the complexity of the supply chain was out of control.  Print management had been used but proved unsuccessful. Challenge: Our client operates hotels in most major cities and countries around the world. It was proving difficult for their longstanding outsource provider to demonstrate global compliance, [...]